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Planning and services


Visit dates will be defined jointly with the head of the institution. The head of the institution must provide all existing plans of the water network from the beginning of the project the diagnosis of internal water systems.

* Conditions of realization:

The head of the establishment will allow us access to set up our own divisional and impulse meters and will make available to us a technical agent of the establishment during the days of visits. This agent will have to know the technical bases of the water network in order to specify the general configuration of the establishment.

* Diagnosis report :

The report contains firstly the diagnosis of the water system in the establishment, then monitoring of water consumption and the action programs and finally a detailed economic analysis covering all investments to be made and equipment to renovate.

* Confidentiality :

We undertake not to make any public or private communication concerning the projects of the diagnosis of the internal water systems and to keep strictly confidential all the documents and information that will be communicated during the study.


Benefits :

The operation of the diagnosis of internal water systems includes the following steps:

* Identification of the establishment :

In a first step, we identify the audit institution stating:

  • Name and address of the establishment and the legal representative
  • Location plan
  • Area
  • Effective
  • Detailed description of the different premises of the establishment

* Current characteristics and operation of the water system :

This step aims to collect all the data and plans needed to identify buildings and internal water systems, such as: water resources, water quality and discharges, water uses , networks, hydraulic equipment, etc.

In more detail:

  • Determine water quality by conducting physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis of each water resource.
  • Determine the characteristics of the various elements making up the water system, such as: meters, boreholes, water tarpaulins, pumping stations, piping, valves, various water points (taps, water heaters, water, sinks, showers, urinals, etc ...), the cold water network, the hot water network, the sewage network, the watering network, the rainwater network, the network fire fighting, etc .

We are also developing plans for each network's internal system of water (cold water system, hot water system, a network of sewage, irrigation system, network and storm water network against the fire).

* Monitoring of water consumption :

After diagnosis and recognition of the network, our main task will lead to the monitoring of water consumption based on data analysis of water consumption following the history of the institution being audited, referring to bills water and consumption data and pressure for the companion test conducted by our own instruments of measurement (metering and pulse pressure sensor, etc ...).

* Results of the analysis of diagnostic systems for water :

Recognition of the network and monitor water consumption, depending on the history and companion measures, aimed at:

  • The search for anomalies that may contribute to the breakdown of water and having a source of water wastage (in technical areas and common areas): design defect, malfunction, lack of maintenance, general condition of water points, non-compliance, etc. ...
  • The determination of ratios to assess the needs standardized water consumption for each activity by referring to well-defined standards.
  • The distribution of total water consumption per shift to use the facility.
  • Leak detection and evaluation for all or activity, overconsumption found and network performance.
  • The location of leaks
  • Monitoring the status of networks, the operating status of equipment, network compliance with health standards, the level of equipment maintenance and behavior of water users.

* Action programs :

  • Evaluation abnormalities distinguished according to their severity, frequency and level control
  • Proposed Action Plans Ranked measures to be implemented by priority level.

We describe the actions to be undertaken and recommendations to streamline the benefit of water use on the one hand, and minimize the financial burden on the other.

* Economic Survey :

AES will conduct a budget forecast of these anomalies: the estimated cost of rehabilitation in accordance anomaly by anomaly and estimating a total cost to support the realization of a multi-year work.


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