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Energy efficiency

Buildings emit large quantities of CO2 during their lifetime, which can be significantly reduced by constructive measures with sustainable development and energy renovation. An important contribution to greater sustainability in the real estate sector may come from the labels or certifications of buildings called "low consumption".

A certification system is an instrument used to assess the durability of a building. Insofar as a building meets all the criteria of such a character, it is issued a certificate or label. In addition, the systems set standards for "low power" as well as practical guides for project owners, investors and users. The procedures work with audits that accompany the building during the study and realization.

Indeed, to reduce the energy consumption of the building sector in Tunisia, a national strategy was put in place to improve the thermal performance of the new buildings envelope, to reduce the demand for heating and cooling energy through the implementation of thermal regulations for new buildings to require minimum technical specifications of thermal performance with acceptable costs.

However, when making decisions and planning construction work for a building, among the criteria to consider, there is not only cost, aesthetics or skill but also energy consumption.

In order to limit energy consumption to reasonable levels, all the necessary criteria must be taken into account in the choice of possible strategies for the renovation or construction of a building such as:

  • Be able to predict energy flows in buildings, in order to act where energy saving measures will be most effective to provide great comfort.
  • Sizing correctly energy facilities by calculating the minimum peak power needed.
  • Forecast the annual consumption and minimize it by choosing the most economical variant overall, while taking into account the comfort and architectural constraints.

The energy efficiency program for buildings designed to improve the thermal behavior of residential and commercial buildings through the development of a thermal regulation adapted to the country's climatic contexts. This objective is feasible given that Tunisia has a relatively moderate climate which allows the use of building materials and techniques that contribute to the reduction of the building's energy needs by means of a reflective architectural design adapted to the local climatic regions.


Thermal regulation for buildings focuses on:

  • The development of minimum technical specifications to enhance thermal comfort and reduce heating and cooling needs and thus to control the energy consumption of construction and extension projects of buildings for offices or sresidential;
  • The institution of the audit plan new projects and expansion projects in the construction sector.
  • Define the conditions and methods for carrying out energy audits in the residential and tertiary sectors, within the framework of specifications approved by ministerial decree.


The regulatory texts in Tunisia:

As part of the energy efficiency of buildings, Act No. 2004-72 of 2 August 2004 and its implementing decree of 2 September 2004 have included mandatory measures in terms of thermal performance of new buildings. Then, the act No. 2009 - 7 February 9, 2009, has to amend and supplement the Act No. 2004-72 relating to energy management. Practical arrangements for the implementation of the decree are promulgated through joint orders of the Ministry for Energy and the Ministry in charge of the habitat.

Depending on the mode of operation and how to consume the energy and also the levels of comfort inside buildings that differ from one type of building to another, the thermal regulation provides for the promulgation of 4 different decrees relating to :

  • Office buildings
  • Residential collective buildings
  • health building
  • Hotel buildings.

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