The dates of visits will be defined jointly with the head of the institution.

The head of the institution must provide all technical data and statistics relating to the operation of buildings and energy systems of the institution from the beginning of the project energy audit.

Performance Conditions:

The head of the institution will give us access to set up our own equipment and will provide us with a technical staff of the institution during the days of visits. This agent will know the basic techniques for building operation and energy systems in order to clarify the general configuration of the facility.

Report of Diagnosis:

The first report contains a presentation of the energy situation of the institution being audited. Secondly, a comprehensive study of energy sources and technical facilities  summary of the energy balance of the facility. Finally, a detailed economic analysis on all investment to be undertaken and the equipment to renovate.


We pledge to make no public or private communication on projects and energy audits to keep confidential all documents and information that will be given during the study.



Different phases of the energy audit :

The energy audit is a method that must be held in its entirety and which is divided in two phases inseparable: the preliminary audit and comprehensive audit.

Preliminary audit :

This step aims at collecting data on energy consumption in the facility audited, and that a preliminary visit intended to make an inventory and list the tools necessary to do the audit depth.

Depth audit :

This step is to conduct operations measures of energy consumption, collection of data on energy-using equipment and evaluation procedures for controlling the energy usage and operating equipment.

Development of energy audit report :

At the end, AES will report on energy consumption in the facility, its level of energy performance, analyzing the causes of failure and a proposed action plan to optimize the consumption energy of the institution.

Content of the energy audit report :

If the establishment is in its first energy audit :

  • A description of the institution and its main characteristics in terms of energy use, energy consumption forecast and a note justifying the choice of equipment and materials for energy savings;

  • An assessment of the organizational system in place to control, monitor and manage the use of energy;

  • Recommendations for improving the energy performance level of the institution's facilities and an economic assessment of proposed actions;

  • A proposal of a costed action program to improve energy use and develop the use of alternative energy.

If the institution has already done before an energy audit :

The audit report must include energy in addition to the steps in the case of the first audit:

  • A description of the evolution of energy use in the facility since the last audit;

  • An assessment of the main actions undertaken since the last audit and their results;

  • New recommendations and a new program of actions to be taken into account changes made.


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