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Energy audit

Energy audit generally leads to the identification of the technical and financial measures needed to achieve energy savings. It also identifies the possibilities of reducing the energy bill of an institution by projects that can serve as models for all firms in the same sector. This approach is effective in measurement and it leads to a comprehensive approach that the company must follow to reduce energy consumption accompanied by technical advice and financial assistance to investment.


Indeed, our company AES is accredited with the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Tunisia and the National Agency for the Control of the Energy (ANME).


AES is specialized in energy audits for the economy of national energy resources in the various private and state institutions (Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, etc.), in accordance with the stipulations of:



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Our main activity is the energy audit in various state and private institutions, namely:   Hospitals Hotels University homes University...

Energy audits are applied every five years, on a periodic basis, for such institutions by the state as subject. The interval between two successive audits may not exceed five years. Auditing is...

The dates of visits will be defined jointly with the head of the institution. The head of the institution must provide all technical data and statistics relating to the operation of buildings and...


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