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Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

Whether your installation of solar water heaters is individual or collective, AES has the solution to your request.

A qualified technical team is at your service to realize the most efficient solar water heater installations with the most reliable, economical and environmentally products.

A solar thermal system consists essentially of solar collectors and storage tanksAll our products have approvals and certifications.


AES offers you the most environmentally solar water heaters:

* Solar Water Heater EDWARDS

* Solar water heater NOBEL SOLAR

* Solar water heater AQUASOLAR


Our products, sensors and solar tanks, are certified:

  • Certificate ISO 9001: 2000
  • Solar keymark
  • TÜV
  • SPF
  • CSTB
  • ENEA
  • ELOT Certificate.

"With our products, the solar water heater becomes simple and accessible!"


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