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About Us:

AES is a Tunisian company specialized in studies, design and development projects, marketing, installation, monitoring, control and maintenance in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and water management.

Since its creation in 1998, AES has always been able to identify the new challenges that have allowed him to be a pillar in its sector in Tunisia!

AES owes its reputation to:

  • Its positioning strategy in its field of activity to satisfy the needs of all segments of customers.
  • Its philosophy of work and innovation with passion and dedication to offer the best in the field of renewable energies.
  • Its ongoing goal to satisfy and improve the quality of life of the consumer while preserving the environment for future generations.

As one of the leading companies in the sector, AES is the preferred supplier and provider of most private and public institutions.


Our activities:

Our company  AES provides a wide range of products and services such as solar water heaters, photovoltaic systems connected to the network and autonomous, wind turbines, the water treatment by Reverse Osmosis, energy auditing and Management of Water.

AES also offers a comprehensive range of skills, covering engineering, construction, maintenance and operation.

Our company has always earned the trust of its customers thanks to its know-how and expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

AES is always at your side for:

  • The study and design of renewable energy systems (Solar, Photovoltaic, Turbines and Hybrid Systems),
  • The study and design of water pumping systems by PVP,
  • The control facilities with the Building Management System (BMS),
  • Studies and design of solar water heating systems for hot water for public and private institutions (Hotels, Public administration, Industrial, Swimming pools),
  • The study and design of seawater desalination systems,
  • The diagnosis of internal water systems for the economy of water resources in different private and state institutions (hotels, hospitals, factories, ...).
  •  The development of energy audits for a rational use of energy which aims at the economy of the resources of the country (Water, Gas, Fuel) in the various private and public institutions (Hotels, Hospitals, ...).


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