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Thermal power plant

Renewable energies achieved a renewed interest in recent years due to the reduction in manufacturing costs for certain technologies such as PV and technological advances in concentrated thermal solar or "thermodynamic" with its various technologies: parabolic trough, to tower and parabolic..

The development of electricity production from thermal solar concentrating systems is a promising solution. Current efforts aim to make this technology more efficient and economically competitive. Thus, the development of concentrating solar power plants, CSP, is attracting more and more interest among stakeholders in this field. Indeed, the thermodynamic solar system is one of the most efficient technologies to enhance the use of renewable solar energy.

This process can provide heat at high temperature (from 250 to 450 ° C.) by concentrating the direct solar radiation. This heat is then used to operate gas or steam turbines to produce electricity.


Thanks to the strategy of work and innovation adapted by the team of AES, our company has participated in the installation of the first CSP small (60 kWe) at the National School of Engineers of Tunis.




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