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Solar thermal

What is Solar Thermal?

Solar thermal is another form of energy produced from the sun. This energy is obtained by converting solar radiation into thermal energy.

Solar thermal energy can be used to heat domestic water through individual or collective solar water heaters, or to generate electricity through a system particularly used in solar thermal power plants.

How can we help you ?

1. To supply your domestic hot water, Our installer AES offers you the most environmentally solar water heaters:

* Solar Water Heater EDWARDS

* Solar water heater NOBEL SOLAR

* Solar water heater AQUASOLAR

Many advantages:

  • Economic;
  • Ecological;
  • Simple and fast operation;
  • Risks of failure are low;
  • Limited cost and excellent performance especially in the sunny regions;
  • If there is an electrical power outage you will always have hot water and the maintenance of your water heater will be negligible.

​​2. To heat your swimming pools, AES offers you solar thermal collectors that bring you an ecological and economical solution. These collectors are most effective in the season and later, more resistant.

3. For the generation of electricity or heat through a solar thermal system, AES is at your disposal for the study and installation of various innovative projects.

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