Electrify an isolated site of the distribution network thanks to the solar, is possible!

Off-grid installations are located in remote areas, where they cannot be connected to the public distribution network because it is technically too complex to extend the network to them.



  • Off-grid electrification: primary and secondary residences, sheds, shelters, water sports, pumping station, reservoirs, weather station, radio relay ...
  • Talk travel: Motor home, caravan, mobile homes ...
  • Road signs, airport and maritime self: Plots and warning lights, spotlights, fog ...
  • Systems for Autonomous Communities: Bus shelters, street lighting, waste isolated
  • Backup power: Camping, electric gates
  • Systems Emergency: Aid Stations, mobile care unit, telecommunications ...


Because the installations do not always correspond to production times, the installation requires the introduction of a battery bank to store the energy produced and a regulator that regulates the charging and discharging of the battery.

The batteries are charged during daylight hours in order to be able to feed the site during the night or the days of very bad weather.


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