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AES provides advanced software in the field of renewable energy: TRNSYS and POLYSUN



Modular simulation software used for:

  • analysis and design of HVAC facilities,
  • design of passive solar systems,
  • analysis of thermal performances of buildings, etc.



It is a design software for solar thermal systems.

POLYSUN help you to work and dimension easily your solar thermal system. It allows you, in addition, to determine the solar power output of your solar photovoltaic system according to the data of the installation site.




AES is the only distributor of TRNSYS dynamic simulation software in Africa.   In fact, TRNSYS is a dynamic simulation environment for simulating the behavior of a complex...

For the sizing of your solar installations, AES provides you with the simulation tool POLYSUN Polysun is a tool to work easily and sizing a solar heating. You can also determine the power...

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