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Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a technique often used in the treatment of drinking water ...


One of the most popular uses is to obtain drinking water from sea water by removing salt. Furthermore, reverse osmosis is used to obtain pure water in many areas including drinking water, irrigation water, water heat exchangers, motors, etc.

Indeed, the use of reverse osmosis can be domestic or industrial:


  • Domestic uses: water purification systems through reverse osmosis are commonly used to improve household water for drinking and cooking.
  • Industrial uses: reverse osmosis plants are also intended for industrial applications, such as:


  • Thermal power stations: preparation of boiler feedwater.
  • Surface treatment / metal processing industry: preparation of rinsing water.
  • Beverage industry: preparation of rinse water, process water and dilution water.
  • Food industry: preparation of rinsing water and process water.
  • Chemical industry: preparation of rinsing water and process water.
  • Car washing facilities: preparation of rinsing water.


AES offers you a wide range for all your needs: From domestic reverse osmosis to industrial installation!


Domestic reverse osmosis allows you to get fresh water (drinking water) from a brackish or salt water (sea water, etc.).   Reverse osmosis at home, allows you to have pure water and...

For your industrial needs, reverse osmosis allows you to get a very pure water used in various applications: Reverse osmosis uses little or no added chemicals in the discharges. The...

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