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PV street lighting

Solar street lighting high power LED

The latest advances in high power LEDs coupled with high-performance photovoltaic panels offer a new generation of public lighting with clean energy and reliable energy consumption.


Solar photovoltaic street lighting is a revolutionary solution for public lighting that exists in different models. It is ideal to provide lighting for a walkway, national roads, public squares, parks and public roads, campgrounds, etc. ...

Advantages :

  • Efficiency equivalent to high power light sources.
  • Completely autonomous and does not require external power.
  • Automatic switch-on and off function according to daylight.
  • Lighting immediately without preheating.
  • If a diode failed, the other LED modules continue to operate.
  •  LED lamps are not toxic.
  • Considerable reductions of CO2 emissions .


Our company AES has a wide range of products for LED street lighting, These products are powerful and high quality!
They also have a high efficiency and perfect light distribution that allows you to save money and produce your electricity.





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